Academic Advisor Development Program - Past Workshop Presentations

Workshop Materials and Reference Guides

Spring 2018

  • Advising Students on Academic Probation
  • The ABC's of Current Legal Issues in Higher Ed: FERPA, TIX, DACA, and More!
  • Advising Students with Disabilities

Fall 2017

  • Developing a Working Knowledge of Academic Support Services (CORE Session)
  • Trasnfer Students and Transfer Credit (CORE Session)
  • Advising and Encouraging Readmitted Niners to Stake their Claim: Working with Readmitted Students
  • Implementing Academic and Career Coaching 

Spring 2017

  • NACADA Web Events - Mindset, Right to Fail, and Persistence: Academic Advising in Support of Student Success (Spring 2017)
  • NACADA Web Events - It's On Us Too: Understanding & Navigating Title IX as an Academic Advisor (Spring 2017)
  • Transfer Students, Transfer Credit & Transient Study (Spring 2017)
  • NACADA Web Events- Nudging Students to Success: The Integration of Academic Advising and Motivational Psychology (Spring 2017)
  • Creating a Personal Advising Philosophy (Spring 2017 CORE Session)
  • Office of Education Abroad- Study Abroad Workshop for Academic Advisors

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Spring 2015

Fall 2014

Spring 2014

Fall 2013

Spring 2013

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