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Declaring a Major or Minor

How do I decide on a major and/or minor?

Choosing a major, and possible minor, is one of the most important academic decisions you make in college.  For some, choosing is a relatively easy decision.  For others, choosing requires more time and thought.  Determining your personal goals, interests, abilities, and employment opportunities are important factors in deciding which major, and possible minor, to choose.  You are encouraged to attend the Majors Day Fair held each year and to browse the online self-assessment and career exploration tools. 

When should I decide?

Students are encouraged to explore options early in their undergraduate career and to make a decision as soon as possible so that it does not delay graduation and result in high cost to the student.  Undergraduate students must declare and be accepted into a major field of study, or a pre-professional program, by the time they have earned 60 semester hours of credit.

Transfer students entering with 45 to 74 semester hours must declare and be accepted into a major field of study by the time they have earned 15 semester hours at UNC Charlotte. (Transfer students entering with 75 or more semester hours must be accepted into a major as a condition for admission.)

Note:  Advising is required prior to registration if you have completed 45 hours or more and have not been accepted into a major or pre-professional program.

How do I declare a major and minor once I've decided?

To declare a major or minor, you must complete the Change of Major/Minor form (available from advising centers around campus), have it signed and approved by your Academic Advisor, and then turn it in to the Office of the Registrar.